Areas of Expertise

Working With Excellent Attorneys

We specialize in Family, Criminal, DUI, Personal Injury and Sex Crimes legal matters.  The law can be quite complex and the issues you and your Family are dealing with need to be handled by a law firm focused and experienced.

Results oriented

Throughout our service to you, we are careful to spell out our goals for your case and provide insight on the strategies available to pursue these goals. By keeping you informed on the process of your case, we strive to help you make the most effective decisions possible at each step in your proceedings. Whether you are undergoing a divorce, are involved in a child custody or child support dispute or need assistance modifying an existing divorce decree, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help.

Personalized Attention

Some of our clients come to us looking for an aggressive attorney who will fight to help them pursue the resolutions they seek. Others come to us looking for a friend who will help them understand their legal issues and work to provide the support they need to resolve their case with a minimal amount of emotional or financial expense. We pride ourselves on being flexible enough in our approach to service either type of individual and take great care to tailor our representation to your unique needs.

16 Years Experience

Marcus D. Gale, a Florence Family Law attorney, is committed to providing personalized guidance to clients throughout Northern Kentucky. In an effort to provide the most effective representation, we take great care to examine your needs before offering advice on your options for pursuing resolutions to your family law issues.  Whatever your family law concerns may be, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you pursue resolutions in the manner you feel most comfortable with.

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