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Whatever your family law concerns may be, our staff has the knowledge and experience needed to help you pursue resolutions in the manner you feel most comfortable with. By tailoring our representation directly to your needs and your personality, we work to give you control over your proceedings, allowing you to influence the legal process as you see fit.

An Experienced Family Law Firm in Covington, Kentucky

At the Law Office of Marcus D. Gale, we leverage more than 16 years of experience to offer personalized family law guidance to clients throughout Northern Kentucky. Our founding attorney, Marcus D. Gale, works diligently to provide detailed and informative advice to clients facing a wide range of family law issues, all while working to ensure that you have the knowledge needed to make the most effective decisions possible throughout your search for resolutions to your issues.

The Firm That other Lawyers Turn To

Our ability to address even the most complicated and hotly contested family law issues has given us a reputation throughout Northern Kentucky for taking on cases that other firms shy away from. This reputation has led other area lawyers to consult us for advice or even refer their clients to us when their issues become too complex. We have obtained this reputation by combining personalized and knowledgeable representation with our aggressive and creative approach. By exploring every avenue possible for resolutions and offering creative guidance to our clients, we have been able to resolve issues that may seem impossible to other attorneys.

Although our attention to these highly contested issues have garnered us a reputation in the area, we are careful to tailor our representation directly to your needs. If you need aggressive guidance during a contested divorce or child-related dispute, we will help you fight to ensure that your voice is heard on all matters during your pursuit of resolutions. Should you require more compassionate and friendly guidance during your pursuit for an amicable settlement, we are careful to provide the helpful and understanding support you need to keep your proceedings moving toward resolutions.

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