Aggravated DUI / DUI Accidents

Aggrevated DUIs/DUI accidents There’s a national campaign aimed at cutting down DUI’s. You may have heard slogans associated with this campaign such as, “drive sober or get pulled over”. Though fines and penalties range from state-to-state, one thing is common for all driving under the influence cases, they are all criminal offenses.  

Kentucky DUI charges

DUI accidents have steep fines and penalties latched on to try to deter or minimize such offenses. It is a crime in Kentucky to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC (or blood alcohol content) level of .08 or above. There are different sentencing guidelines for DUI accidents based on aggravating and mitigating factors.  

DUI Mitigating Factors

Mitigating factors are anything that can help defend the driver, or lawfully explain their criminal behavior. This may or may not include any prescription medication that could have impaired the driver’s judgement.  

DUI Aggravating Factors

There are also aggravating factors to consider when looking at Northern Kentucky DUI accidents. Aggravative factors may include a driver’s history, particularly prior DUI cases or convictions. Though Boone County aggravated DUI cases, typically vary by driver, driving history is the main aggravating factor considered when weighing the fate of a driver facing a DUI charge in Northern Kentucky.  

Steeper Penalties

Aggravated DUI cases call for much steeper penalties. Drivers whose BAC is recorded above .15 within a two-hour time span of operating a motor vehicle are likely to face aggravated DUI penalties. This may or may not include:
  • Driving more than 30 mph beyond the posted speed limit
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Refusal to perform a field sobriety test
  • Transporting people under the age of 12
  • The accident results in death or serious injury or bodily harm
Fines and penalties for driving under the influence vary state-to-state. However, it’s important to recognize that every state has laws in place to keep drunk drivers off the road. Though there is no excuse for driving under the influence, there could be mitigating factors that can not be explained without hiring legal representation. If you or someone you know are dealing with a criminal DUI case, consider hiring a reputable DUI attorney to help navigate you through your legal options. Do not attempt to deal with your DUI case alone. Contact a knowledgeable attorney with experience in DUI laws.  

Should you get Legal Representation?

Northern Kentucky DUI accidents don’t have to be the end all. There are knowledgeable attorneys on hand to help navigate through your particular case. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration when reviewing a DUI case. We are experienced in dealing with Boone County aggravated DUI cases and can help answer any questions you may have dealing with your case. We can help in Kentucky DUI cases with the following:
  • Answer any DUI related questions
  • Describe the difference between mitigating and aggravated DUI factors
  • Can help minimize your sentence with sound advice
  • Represent you in the court of law
  • Figure out the best approach to take with your unique case
The saying, "You drink, you drive, you lose" does not have to apply to you.  Contact us today to see how we can help with your case.