Underage DUI

Kentucky Underage DUI Violations In the state of Kentucky, the minimum drinking age is 21. Because of this, Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) legal standards are stricter for drivers under 21 years of age. Minor drivers and their parents should understand these standards and the consequences of a Boone County Underage DUI charge.  

Legal Standards in Northern Kentucky for Underage DUI

Drivers 21 years old or over can be charged with DUI if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 or higher. However, drivers under age 21 can be subject to a Northern kentucky Underage DUI charge when their blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 or higher, which is only one-fourth of the blood alcohol concentration level standard for an adult driver.  

Legal Penalties for Underage DUI

A driver under the age of 21 who is found to have had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.02 but under 0.08 (the adult level for DUI) will have his or her driver's license suspended for between thirty days and six months and will receive a fine of between one hundred dollars and five hundred dollars. A sentence of up to twenty hours of community service may be imposed in place of a fine. However, things change if a minor receiving a Boone County Underage DUI charge is found to have been driving above the adult level for a DUI, which is a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08. If that is the case, the underage driver will be subject to adult DUI penalties. For the first offense within a five-year period, this includes a fine of between two hundred dollars and five hundred dollars, a jail sentence of between forty-eight hours and thirty days or both. Further, these penalties can increase if certain aggravating factors are also found. For multiple DUIs, the penalties are even worse.  

Other Possible Charges and Consequences

Due to the nature of the circumstances, a person facing a Northern Kentucky Underage DUI situation could be facing other charges as well, such as a minor in possession of alcohol, soliciting alcohol and child endangerment. It is even possible that an adult could end up being charged with providing alcohol to a minor. Other consequences. Even for minors, a conviction of a Boone County Underage DUI charge goes on your record and stays there for at least five years. This will definitely have a negative impact on your future.  

Possible Insurance issues

There are possible insurance issues as well. A conviction of a Northern Kentucky Underage DUI charge will almost certainly cause your motor vehicle insurance rates to go up, probably substantially so. This increased rate will stay with you into the future, for as many as five years in some cases. Some insurers may terminate a policy completely for an underage DUI conviction or decline to renew an existing policy, and it might be difficult to find insurance coverage after that. A DUI charge is a serious matter, regardless of whether the driver is of age or a minor. A DUI conviction can have grave and long-lasting effects on your life. The state is represented by professional prosecutors whose job it is to get convictions. It is important that, if faced with an underage DUI charge, you consult with a qualified Northern Kentucky Attorney who has experience in dealing with DUI matters. As an experienced and qualified Northern Kentucky Attorney I will have the expertise to achieve the best possible result for you or to possibly avoid a conviction completely.