Misdemeanors / Felonies

It is in your best interest to contact a Northern Kentucky criminal lawyer when accused of any misdemeanor or Felony.  There are different ways to handle these types of cases.  Your specific situation is unique and will require a custom plan of action.  Here is a general breakdown of things would normally go. Misdemeanor and Felony charges can and will ruin your life in many ways.  Misdemeanor and Felony charges in Northern Kentucky can cause trouble with your employers both current and future.  The charges can create financial difficulties and even the loss of your freedom. Finding an attorney in Florence Kentucky to help you through this difficult time can make all the difference.   When faced with these kind of charges the process can be challenging and complicated too.  I have the history and the ability to lead your case down the right path and get the best possible results.  

Dismissing Misdemeanors and Felonies

My main goal with your case is to get the charges dismissed. There are several possible situations but the most important thing of all is reaching out to me so that we can review your case and get to work.  Every case is extremely unique and the responses from the judge can be based on your personal history and those unique facts of your case.