Possession of Controlled Substance

Drug Crimes

If you have been charged with complicity, possession, or trafficking drugs have the potential to receive serious jail time. Drug charges can be challenging to fight.  It is vital to find an Northern Kentucky Possession attorney who works hard to prove you are not guilty.  Knowing what to expect in a drug charge case can help you tremendously, which is why you need to hire legal counsel early. Penalties in Northern Kentucky for drug crimes can include jail time. Every part of a drug crime charge can lead to serious impacts for the rest of your life, which is why your Northern Kentucky attorney should be committed to getting you the best possible outcome. Hiring an attorney is one of the most important steps you will take in your drug charges case.  In fact it can make or break your drug crimes case.  Make sure that you’ve hired an attorney with a clear understanding of your case and confidence in managing that case.  

Cultivation and Marijuana Charges

It’s against the law in Kentucky to plant, harvest, or cultivate marijuana plants with the intent to transfer or sell the product. Any person with five or more plants is considered to be cultivating marijuana with the final intention of selling it. In situations with four or fewer plants, the burden of proving intent to sell rests with the prosecutor. In these cases, the offender might only be charged with possession if the prosecutor is not able to demonstrate intent to sell. Four or fewer plants on a first offense can be seen as a class A misdemeanor with fines and possible jail time. Second and third offenses are class D felonies with increased prison time. Five or more plants on a first offense is an instant class D felony with fines and prison time.  

Drug Trafficking

Charges of drug trafficking in the state of Kentucky can be extremely serious. The most severe of penalties for offenders in the state relate to those drugs classified as Schedule I or II. The first conviction might lead to fines of up to $10,000 and jail sentences. For multiple offenses, the penalties can be doubled. Less than 8 ounces of marijuana is a class A misdemeanor in Northern Kentucky.  This can result in lower fines and penalties than other charges. As mentioned above, the importance of the determination of possession versus intent to sell is critical in how the case and the penalties will be categorized.  

Prescription Drug Crimes

Drug charges may also arise when it comes to prescription medications. There are several ways to be charged with prescription drug crimes. You might have a legal prescription for the medication but you have too big a dosage when pulled over by law enforcement. You can also be charged with a prescription drug crime for having the medication out of the original bottle. Since prescription drug charges will depend a great deal on your individual situation, you need to partner with an experienced Boone County KY drug charges attorney for your case.