Child Support

While Kentucky provides a great deal of guidance during the child support determination process, things are not always as easy as putting numbers into a formula. In many cases, there may be reason to deviate from Kentucky child support guidelines to pursue more effective and helpful support arrangements, which can provide a stable future for yourself and your children. At the Law Office of Marcus D. Gale, our Florence child support attorney works diligently to provide detailed guidance to clients throughout Northern Kentucky. With more than 10 years of experience and detailed knowledge of the child support statutes and guidelines, we work to help you understand the intricacies of the program and pursue the most favorable support arrangements possible.

Personalized and Informative Child Support Advice

By carefully explaining the many factors taken into account during the child support determination process, we work to help you understand how the state views your situation and what you may be able to expect from an arrangement. After carefully examining your financial situation during the discovery process, we work to help you understand how Kentucky guidelines apply to your unique situation. After our examination, we work diligently to help you address any unique issues that may exist, including performance-based income, business ownership or underemployed parents. Should any of these issues arise, we will work to help you pursue a deviation from the child support guidelines, allowing you to negotiate a more effective arrangement or seek assistance from a family law court in creating a more appropriate payment plan to meet your needs.

Contact Our Office for Detailed Child Support Representation

Whether you pursuing child support or have been petitioned to pay for a portion of your children's expenses, it is important to create an arrangement that provides a stable and healthy life for all involved. Our staff takes great care to offer the advice you need to pursue the most effective and favorable child support arrangement possible, whether through the state's formula or by pursuing deviations from set guidelines. Contact our office online or call 859.581.1000 to discuss your specific child support concerns.