Contested Divorce

Assertive Divorce Guidance from an experienced Northern Kentucky Firm

Divorce proceedings can all too often quickly become unnecessarily costly and emotionally draining issues to address. When even the smallest issues lead to a confrontation, you may be well served to consult an experienced lawyer for advice on your options for pursuing favorable resolutions to your contested divorce issues. At the Law Office of Marcus D. Gale, our experienced attorney works diligently to offer effective contested divorce guidance to clients throughout the Florence area. With your best interests always in mind, we work to provide the informative and aggressive guidance you need to seek resolutions to the various issues relating to the end of your marriage, including:
  • Division of marital assets and debt
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support, maintenance or alimony
  • Division of investments and pensions
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Identification of marital and non-marital property and debts
  • Helping You Take Control of Your Contested Divorce Proceedings
With a detailed knowledge of the contested divorce process and area courts and judges, we are confident in our ability to help you pursue favorable resolutions to even the most complicated and hotly-contested issues. By exploring every avenue possible we work to help you understand your options for obtaining your goals in your divorce, in turn allowing you to take control of your proceedings and influence them as you see fit. With more court room experience than many other Northern Kentucky attorneys, we have earned a sound reputation for offering aggressive and effective representation to every client that we represent. This reputation can help you gain an important upper hand from the very beginning of your proceedings and can help you take control of your divorce from the moment of filing. It is essential that your divorce is handled properly from the very beginning to ensure and end result in your divorce that meets your goals.

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If you are undergoing a divorce and have encountered unrealistic expectations from your spouse, it can be helpful to have an aggressive and experienced attorney at your side. Whether you are embroiled in a child custody dispute, child support dispute, or your spouse refuses to give you your fair share of your marital assets, we will fight to ensure that your rights and your best interests are upheld at every step in your proceedings.