Grandparents Rights

Kentucky Visitation Lawyer

As a grandparent, you probably love spending time with your grandchildren, watching them grow and prosper. Unfortunately, in some contested divorce situations, your ability to spend time with your grandchildren may be in jeopardy. If you have been refused the right to spend time with your grandchildren, an experienced lawyer may be able to help. At the Law Office of Marcus D. Gale, we understand how important it is to play a role in your grandchildren's lives. With more than 10 years of experience, our Florence grandparents' rights attorney works to provide the detailed and compassionate guidance you need to ensure that your rights as a grandparent are upheld and that you are granted access to your grandchildren.

Upholding Your Rights From the Beginning of the Divorce Process

We believe in taking a proactive approach to grandparents' rights issues and work diligently to provide the effective guidance your child needs during their divorce. By offering high quality divorce guidance to your child, we work to create arrangements that take your rights as a grandparent into account. During the creation of a parenting plan, we are careful to address your rights and work to build visitation time directly into the parenting plan. This approach is designed to help you, your child and your grandchildren live a healthy and happy life following the divorce and avoid any unnecessary return trips to court. Our experience and creative approach to divorce and child custody issues give us the ability to address complicated situations and pursue healthy and effective arrangements in even the most contested divorce proceedings.

Helping You Provide a Healthy Life for Your Grandchildren

Unfortunately, in some cases involving unfit parents, it may be necessary for you as the grandparent to step in to provide care for your grandchildren. Whether your child and his or her former spouse suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, are physically or mentally disabled or simply cannot provide a stable home for the children, we work to help you enforce your rights and pursue custody of the children. By stepping in, you may be able to provide the healthy life your grandchildren deserve. Contact our office online or call 859.581.1000 to discuss your specific grandparents' rights concerns.