High Net Worth Divorce

Kentucky Asset Protection Lawyer Divorce proceedings involving a spouse who earns a high income, owns a business or professional practice or possesses great wealth can contain numerous complicated issues to address. While the common issues of child custody and support, division of assets and spousal support still exist in high asset divorces, these matters can quickly become difficult to efficiently address without the guidance of an experienced lawyer. At the Law Office of Marcus D. Gale, our Florence high net worth divorce attorney leverages more than 16 years of experience to offer detailed guidance to clients throughout Northern Kentucky. In an effort to help you pursue favorable resolutions that give you the most comfortable future possible, we take care to conduct a thorough examination of your individual situation and your goals before offering advice tailored directly to your unique needs.

Detailed High Asset Divorce Guidance

In more than 10 years of experience, we have offered high asset divorce representation to countless clients, including doctors, professionals and business owners. This experience allows us to offer detailed advice on unique issues relating to high assets divorces, including:
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Business valuations and division
  • Bonus or performance based incomes
  • Delayed compensation models
  • Investments, stocks and pensions
  • Overspending issues
By offering creative guidance, we strive to help you pursue settlements or judgments that conform to your best interests and give you the best possible chance of living a healthy and comfortable future following the end of your marriage. In many cases, it may be possible to negotiate a delayed compensation settlement, allowing you to complete the equitable division of marital assets while keeping your business or practice whole.

Contact Our Office for Informative High Asset Divorce Guidance

When undergoing a high asset divorce, the guidance of an experienced lawyer can be vital in helping you pursue the resolutions you need to protect your hard-earned assets and your future from unnecessary harm. Our staff will tailor our representation directly to your unique concerns, and works to provide the informative guidance you need to understand your options for pursuing resolutions. Whether you wish to negotiate an amicable settlement or feel that court intervention is needed to resolve your disputes, we work to provide the assistance you need to take control of your proceedings and impact your legal process as you see fit. Contact our office online or call 859.581.1000 to discuss your unique high asset divorce concerns.