Texting While Driving

Despite numerous ad campaigns and horrifying stories about accidents, many individuals around Kentucky and the country are still engaging in the habit of texting and driving. In the past 10 years, it has become possible for nearly everyone to obtain a cellular phone, many of which come with unlimited text messaging features. Attempting to text while operating a vehicle is incredibly dangerous, particularly if the driver is a teenager who has just obtained his or her driving license. Many teens assume that they can safely operate a vehicle while looking away from the road for “just a few seconds”. As disturbing images from texting and driving accidents tell, even looking away from the road briefly can have life-altering consequences. Research and studies have backed up the claims made about the dangers of texting and driving, including a recent one from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, which determined that truck drivers who made use of text messaging while operating vehicles increased their chances of an accident by 23 times. Many states around the country have already made efforts to reduce texting and driving by implementing laws that ban or discourage the behavior. Unfortunately, many people still text while driving despite the laws banning the behavior. As a result, many elected official are struggling with how to manage this problem, both in Kentucky and around the nation. Accidents resulting from a driver who is sending text messages while operating a vehicle can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries. Texting and driving accidents often involve multiple vehicles and can block up roadways and lead to multiple car pileups. Since it can be difficult to predict the behavior of a person who is not watching the road, many other drivers struggle to avoid collisions and end up as victims in serious accidents. Common injuries from car accidents include whiplash, back pain, head injuries, broken bones, and internal trauma. For many car accident victims, the serious symptoms of car accident injuries may not present immediately, leading some individuals to think they have not been harmed, only to experience serious pain after the accident. The first step after an accident should be to seek medical attention and get treated for your injuries. Continued follow up with your medical professional is critical for your short term and long term needs. For many texting and driving accident victim's, medical bills can cripple the victim and their family in the immediate aftermath. Getting quality care is important, but doing so can drastically impact the financial situation of the victim in the months and years following the accident. Since car accidents as a result of texting and driving can cause serious physical, emotional, and financial problems for the victims, it’s recommended that you contact a Northern Kentucky car accident attorney for a full evaluation of your case. No victim deserves to suffer because of the poor choices of another person. Don’t let the texting and driving behavior of another person destroy your life. Contact me today to discuss your options.